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Not freezing to zero. Model lffh20f3qwg

I replaced Evap fan and it will run when I manually start it. At some point it does turn off and does not restart. Freezer maintains around 20

Degrees F. Will not freeze to zero however. I can hear compressor gurgling. So freezer is cooling to zero but the fan does not seem to kick on automatically.

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Do both the evap fan and the compressor stop running at 20°F?

Do they both start again if you adjust the thermostat control to the lowest setting?

If so, it may be a faulty thermostat. (supplier example only - if you decide to replace it search online for 5304513033 to find suppliers that suit you.)

Couldn't find a free copy online but here's the wiring diagram for the freezer that may help to find out what's happening.

Hopefully this is of some help

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I’m not sure when either stops but the compressor seems to be running fine. I now think it may be the defrost. I manually adjusted the defrost and the fanwill run when I click it over. Waiting to see what happens once it cycle through….

So thinking next step is replace the defrost timer.


@Ron J

The defrost cycle only occurs once every 8-10 hours so in between defrost cycles the compressor is being controlled by the temperature thermostat.

The temp should get down to 0°F and then the compressor and evap fan should stop.

I'm not sure re the set range but would assume that when the temp was >10°F that the compressor and evap fan would start again to drive the temp back down and so it should cycle off/on between 0°F and say 10°F

When the defrost cycle occurs both the evap fan and the compressor are turned off and the defrost heater is turned on to melt the accumulated ice off the evap unit. The defrost cycle usually lasts for 20-25 minutes

The parts list doesn't mention a defrost thermostat as a lot of refrigerators and freezers have. They cut off the heater if the temp near the evap unit goes too high during the defrost cycle (done to protect the evap unit) so the time duration of the defrost cycle and the heater being on in your model is solely timed by the defrost timer.

At the end of the defrost cycle the compressor and evap unit should be turned back on again to drive the temp back down to 0°F

Usually the temp during the defrost cycle doesn't go >32°F so as to not defrost the food. The temp near the evap unit is higher as the heater is directly under it e.g. in other models that have a defrost sensor or thermostat their cut-off temp is usually ~45°F but the actual freezer temp is not that high, it is just the temp near the heater and defrost thermostat.

Just verifying that your thermometer is OK? Had a user a few months back complaining about freezer not cold enough. Turns out they were using a battery operated thermometer which they placed in the freezer and it had a low battery so it was giving incorrect readings


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