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Repair information for the HP EliteBook 840 G3. This Hewlett-Packard laptop is designed for enterprise usage.

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Booting device not found 3FO error

All of the sudden my pc is not opening it is saying booting device is not found... I tried to get in to bios and try to fix it but it's asking me bios administration password and I don't know it.

Am a student and I need help as soon as you can, exam is around the corner.

Thank you for your time.

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For starters follow the steps below to run HP Diagnostics.

  • Restart the computer.
  • As the computer boots, press the ESC key when the HP Splash Screen appears.
  • When the Startup menu appears, press F2 to enter System Diagnostics.
  • Run the Hard Disk Test in System Diagnostics
  • Best to test everything but especially the hard drive.

Let us know what you get. You may be interesed in the discussion below.

It is possible that the hard drive is defective or corrupted.

Look on the web. There are several bootable USB flash drive diagnostics, etc. to check and even repair your non-booting hard drive.

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Hi @aactech,

Don't know HP that well but can you enter diagnostics without knowing the admin (BIOS) password?



Hi @jayeff Happy New Year!

Good question.

What I can tell you is that at power on-

Pressing<F2>takes you directly to System Diagnostics.

Pressing <F10> takes you directly to the BIOS Setup screen.

Pressing <ESC> takes you to the Menu Screen where <F2> takes you to System Diagnostics or <F10> to the BIOS setup page, <F7> takes you to Spare Key explained here:

I have never personally used nor recommended that password to any clients as it causes more problems than it is worth.

So to answer your question I don't know for sure.



Happy New Year to you too. ;-)

Thanks for that.



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Well try these fix

  1. Turn off the computer and wait five seconds.
  2. Press the power button to start the computer and repeatedly press the f10 key to enter the BIOS setup menu.
  3. On the BIOS Setup screen, press f9 to select and load the BIOS Setup Default settings.
  4. Press f10 to Save and Exit.

For more you should read this:

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F9 isn't responding


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