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Lancé le 20 septembre, le smartphone 2019 d'Apple est doté d'un écran OLED de 5,8 pouces, d'une caméra arrière à triple objectif et d'une autonomie de batterie considérablement améliorée. Il succède à l'iPhone XS.

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I am locked out by a passcode I so not use

I was trying to input my Apple ID; got it wrong again and again and before I knew it I was locked out of my phone entirely. It is demanding a 6 digit passcode. I do not use that so how do I get around this?

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Have you bought the phone second hand or have you had it from new?


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This apple guide should be able to able to help you out! Are you erasing your data on your iPhone 11 if I may ask? You'll have to put your device in recovery mode if you get locked out too many times by your device passcode or if you forgot.

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start with this -

if that doesn't work and if you absolutely cannot remember your 6-digit passcode, there's the nuclear option. download and install 3uTools on your PC, boot up the phone and connect it to your PC, use the Flash feature and do an anti-recovery flash.


  • this will update you to the latest IOS and return the phone to OOTB condition and you will have to set up your phone again
  • all your data will be lost, i hope you have a recent backup.
  • if you do have an iCloud account connected to the phone it will still be there, hopefully you can remember that password - however, if you can't there are methods via or to recover/reset that password, provided you have access to that account's email and the phone number for two-factor authentication is still good.

Hope this helps. Good luck

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