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In this playlist, you can find video of Sony Xperia XZ1 disassemble as well as repair guide of spare parts like Battery, LCD Screen, Camera Lens and Back Cover. We'll also do some featured test.

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[Xperia XZ1 G8342] Phone overheated and doesn't turn on at all

I literally made an account here because I've given up searching. A brief context, I was ordering food on my phone and noticed it was 15% -- No big deal, just charge it right? after charging the phone overheated very quickly, I unplugged (its still alive) and cooled it by just putting a damp cloth on the back side. Once it cooled off, I plugged it in and it dropped from 15% down to 3% then completely blanked.

Went to a repair shop and they deem its a dead battery, but they had no available stock locally. They have to order it from a different state (im not from the US.) which they have mentioned will take 3 weeks and their process was ass. I went around to another shop and this guy mentioned that it isn't battery but possibly my motherboard. I kinda shrug it off and was hoping it was my battery only as its an easy fix. Plus he was the odd suggestion after asking 5 more shops, so I leaned on the battery fix.

Got home and ordered it online myself. I waited 1.5 weeks for the replacement battery, oh my phone worked when I plugged the new battery in BUT --> it overheated yet again, didn't even turned it on. I decided to just let it rest on the table. Came back to it (like barely 10mins?) and its very cool now, no signs of life at all. Man, I just wanna get my files out of here and buy a new one :(

The files is what really matters to me. I'd do anything to fix it as long its not an astounding price tag.

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Sounds there's a large amount of current being drawn from the battery. Suggest you carefully open the phone up. Switch on for a short while (maybe about 10 seconds). Very cautiously feel if any parts are getting warm or hot. Could be a faulty chip on mother board. Maybe something loose and shorting.

If the battery is fully discharged, only charge for a short time with phone switched off.


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