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Repair guides and support for water softening systems.

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Shot in the dark for Hall Sensor for Culligan

I have a Culligan Gold series watersoftener. My unit can measure water flow. The way it does this is through a hall sensor that measures a small impeller that spins as the water flows. There is a magnet in the impeller that is read by the hall sensor.

I have tested the sensor by digging it out of it's epoxy bed and injecting 5 volts, it seem to be bad. I can't read any markings on the sensor. I don't know if it's a north or south sensing. (I don't know anything about hall sensors, only what I have learned in the last few days. I want to solder in a new sensor. It's about 4mm wide.

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What is the model number of the water softener device?

You may have to trawl though sites like this to hopefully find a suitable replacement.

If you see a suitable image of one in the list, click on it and you will find the datasheet where all the specs are shown for the component

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Thanks Jayeff. I orders a small bundle of parts from there. At a dollar or two per sensor I can afford to mess around for a while. Watersofteners manufacturers still charge Ferrari prices for very simple parts.


I just found a replacement at a culligan dealer. $180!! for a 2 dollar sensor on 12 inches of wire.


@ alan

Did you see the part at all?

If so no doubt it was fully encased so you couldn't see the part number of the sensor.

Bit rich for just a sensor. Wonder how the price of it compares to the overall cost of the system?

Suppose it's like auto parts.

If you assembled a vehicle from parts it would be 3 times the cost of a new one ;-)


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