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Installation of an Samsung SSD 870 Evo


I purchased a Samsung ssd 870 evo hard drive, and I am trying to install this. But the connection is not the same as the old hard drive. How can I get this installed? Is there a new cable that I can buy or some other trick?

Glad if you could help me


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Sadly, Eric Apple did their own thing with their blade SSD’s.

The Samsung 970 EVO SSD is a M.2 SSD and is not designed to work in your system without an adapter (if it supports PCIe/NVMe drives which this system doesn’t).

This MacBook Pro is an mSATA based system as you can see in this great guide The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs so this SSD won’t work as it’s a PCIe/NVMe drive. You will need this SSD OWC Aura Pro 6G SSD and follow this guide Remplacement du SSD d'un MacBook Pro 13" Retina fin 2012

Image OWC Aura Pro 6G SSD


OWC Aura Pro 6G SSD


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870 EVO is 2.5 inch boxy SATA SSD.


@tomchai - Yes, the 870 is a 2,5 SATA drive given the system chosen it wouldn’t physically fit and the clue of the connector being different tells us Eric got a 970 M.2 drive and had a slip of a digit here. While similar it still won’t work as it’s a PCIe/NVMe drive and this series only works with mSATA.


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870 EVO is designed as an 2.5 inch spinning drive replacement SSD, the case physically will not fit in a Retina MacBook Pro.

Even if you take out the case and put in the naked board directly, getting an adapter will be extremely tricky. Most adapters are designed the other way around, converting Apple SATA SSD into generic SATA, opposite of what you want.

At this point it is easier to just buy a correct SSD.

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