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The Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2) is the successor to the Oculus Quest that came out on May 21st, 2019. The Quest 2 is a revised model that features a better processor and redesigned touch controllers.

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Won’t switch on

Won’t turn on after dropped

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is there any damage you can see on the outside? was it dropped from a high or low place? was it dropped on hardwood/tile/concrete or carpet? did you drop the headset or the controller? could you add some photos if theres any external damage please?

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thanks :)


Sorry for the late response. No visible damage won't turn on after charging just system showing flat battery in goggles then disappearing it was dropped onto carpet from my 9 year old daughters head


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This question is already covered in the "Meta quest ™" Manual.
If you search this up it says"

Dropping it, especially on a hard surface, can potentially cause damage to the headset and battery. Inspect your headset for visual damage before each use. If you suspect damage to your headset or battery, contact Oculus Support. "

The online manual is downloadable on the web.

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