Does anyone know where I can get an • NCP186 low dropout linear regul

Hi, my south ridge on my Xbox Series X was overheating and then I noticed that the NCP186ADJGAMT regulator was extremely hot. I removed the regulator and the south ridge shirt disappeared. The only problem is, I cannot for the life of me find that component anywhere with numerous web searches. I found something similar on but when it arrived it was way too small to fit on the board. Any help in locating this component would be much appreciated. It’s circled in light blue from the ifixit breakdown from this link

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Thanks Tim

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Presumably the part type you posted i.e. NCP186ADJGAMT, is what's printed on the regulator is this correct?

Looking at the guide you linked the only low dropout regulator mentioned with a blue circle (square?) is shown at Step.8 and that is an NCP186AMN080TBG (supplier example only) which is shown on the manufacturer's NCP186 product list whereas the one you mentioned is not, perhaps it is no longer being made.


Tim Tsamtsikas @jayeff is correct that the part you refer to (we assume) is still available at See the link in the prior comment. It always helps if you post an image of your own board and mark where the IC is located, on those pictures. If you want to use the teardown image, just post a copy of that with your question as well. It will really help us out to know exactly which component you are referring too. Ajout d'images à une question existante


@jayeff thank for that but both the light blue squares in the image in step 8 actually are marked with. NCP186ADJGAMT if you zoom on the image you can see it clearly marked like that which is exactly what I have on my chip.

I did purchase the NCP186AMN080TGB but the dimensions of the chip were smaller and rectangular rather than square and I purchased this from the mouser link from the tear down.


@Tim Tsamtsikas

Looking at the datasheet the chip comes in two package types an XDFN8 and a DFN12

At least this supplier gives the option of selecting either type -DFN12 type shown. I think that this is the type you need

According to the supplier those shown listed are equivalents


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