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The XV20 series of the Toyota Camry is Toyota's 6th generation of the Camry sedan.

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Brake pedal and brakes

Why does my brake pedal feel difficult to press and car doesn't come to a complete stop unless I use two feet to press. Then it goes to the floor. It repeats when foot is released from the pedal.

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Please help. I'm a single parent and don't know what to do


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Some of the symptoms you're describing could also be caused by an issue with the power brake booster. It's powered by engine vacuum, so check the big vacuum hose running from the booster to the engine for signs of tears, cracks or not being securely clamped down at both ends.

It's possible the booster itself has failed, but in over 40 years of working on cars I have yet to replace one. I have, however, replaced and repaired damaged hoses to the booster.

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Mahalo much for your answer because I thought there were no more possibilities and now there is still hope.


I had the brakes bled and when it was done the problem still remained so after the long drive home I noticed something new. When I had my car in the park position and pressed the brake pedal the car started bogging like it was going to die, then I put it in drive it would stop. Is that related to the power brake booster?


The vacuum hose to the brake booster is generally much larger than any other vacuum hose on the engine, so yes, if it's broken or cracked the vacuum leak could indeed affect the way the car runs, especially when the booster is making vacuum demands on the engine when you press the brake pedal.


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Have you had your brakes recently serviced? It sounds like there is air in your brake system. Either you have a leak or when they brake fluid was last changed out, they weren’t properly bled. One quick check is to look in your brake fluid reservoir for bubbles or a milky/foamy fluid. This is indicate air in the system and most likely a leak. You can always replace the fluid and bleed your brakes to see if this solves it. But if you have bubbles/foam in your reservoir, I would recommend tracing your brake lines to look for leaks. Hope this helps.

If there is no signs of air, you could have bad brakes and rotors. Typically those will be accompanied by various noises, ie. squeaking, grinding, etc.

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There was air and it was bled but the problem still exists. What do we do now. The rotors and brakes are good


I'm sorry I didn't say thank you. I appreciate your time


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