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Why my phone cant turn on wifi , airplane mood and hotspot?

i cant turn on wifi , airplane mood , hotspot and airdrop

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Do you have any restrictions such as device management, parental controls, etc?


Also, has anything happened to the phone recently around the time the problem started? Getting dropped, got wet, firmware update, etc?


they all appear to be antenna related issues, if the phone was dropped i might say its a broken baseband


Is the wifi switch grayed out in settings? Go to settings, general, about, and look for the IMEI number and MAC address. If they're blank or say n/a it's most likely a board problem.


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If your hotspot won't work, ensure the internet works and you're entering the right password. You can also try disabling battery saver or low power mode or restarting your phone's Wi-Fi. If your phone's hotspot still won't work, then tethering or turning the phone on and off might help



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