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Repair information for standalone freezers.

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has not frozen anything right out of the box.

Hello, I have a Model# FFFU16F2VW

Frigidaire 16 cu Ft frost free upright freezer, that has not frozen anything right out of the box. The repair person came to the house and said it could not be repaired, it was a crimped wire of some sort and the company sent me a new one but left the old one. I hate getting rid of it because it's brand new. Any ideas what this issue is and how to repair it??? Thank you JF

Update (01/31/2023)

Block Image

here is the picture

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Hi @jf1811

Start with the basics and go on from there.

Is there power on the control board?

Is the light in the compartment working?

Is the compressor turning on?

Here's some info that may help. According to this parts list for the freezer, the wiring diagram is part # 27006006822.

It's pretty basic but at least it shows the connections on the control board to the various components.

If the freezer fails to start you may have to test all the components connected to the control board to make sure that they are "connected" to the control board, just in case if one isn't this indicates to the control board not to start the compressor

With the power disconnected to the refrigerator, using an Ohmmeter you can check all the components for wiring continuity back to the control board e.g. disconnect the wire harness plug on the control board connector CN5 and then connect the Ohmmeter between the two wires connected to the #3 and #4 pins in the cable plug, if OK it should show the sensor, between pins 5 and 7 the fan motor etc.

"Crimped wire" seems a bit strange unless it is in an inaccessible location.

Hopefully a start

Update (01/31/2023)

Hi @jf1811

The kinked white wire may only be to show which wire is the problem.

What is the cable plug connector designation and pin number on the board that the white wire goes to, is it CN5 pin 5?

If so you will have to prove the continuity of the white wire end to end to ensure that this assumption is correct, i.e. board to the evaporator fan motor. see p.4 of parts list linked above for evap fan motor (part #8C) location inside the freezer compartment

If it is broken somewhere in between it may be difficult to replace as it may go through another plug/connector or maybe not. It will also be buried in foam insulation which doesn't help.

If it doesn't go through another connector, then perhaps you can't even use the existing white wire as a draw wire to pull a new one through as it may be broken and it may also be taped to the other wire going to the fan motor from CN5 pin 7 and not run loose.

You could maybe pull 2 new wires through using the existing two fan motor wires as draw wires but this is only if they don't go through another harness plug connector in between and are just run directly between the two points.

Pulling on both wires at one end you may get an idea if you see them move at the other end. i.e. either the fan end or the board end. If only the two wires move and not the whole lot (at the board end) it may mean that they're direct.

Just ideas on what I'd check first

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Found the crimped wire. picture below... any idea if this can be replaced?

I hope the picture uploaded....



There's no image.

Here's how to add images to your "question" in ifixit. You can't add images to a comment - they can only be added to questions and answers (same procedure) Ajout d'images à une question existante

If the crimped wire problem is in a wiring harness connector plug, please show images of both sides of the plug


How was it transported? Fridges and freezers need to be transported upright and not laying down or in extreme cases the gas inside will not work causing the item to not chill or freeze. Strange that a crimped wire can cause it. Looking forward to pictures to see what might be causing it.


Thank you Jayeff. Gonna try these suggestion out!


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