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Standard and high definition handheld video cameras by Sony.

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Sony CCD-F330E camera viewfinder problem

When I select camera mode or REC mode the view finder Lcd screen just flickers like a old tv

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@iphone897 is it still recording? What are the recordings like? Same thing?


I can’t see what I’m recording its still able to record but the viewfinder is having display issues


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@iphone897 since you can still record it sounds like the issue is isolated to the viewfinder. Possibly a bad display. Start off with the SONY CCD F330e service manual. Disassemble the viewfinder and check the circuit board and ribbon cables that connect it. If this look okay I would try a replacement viewfinder CRT next.

Update (01/27/2023)

Here are the part numbers

1-451-310-21 Deflection yoke

1-546-065-11 Cathode Ray tube

use the part numbers to do an online search and you may get lucky like on here

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If I were to get a viewfinder replacement where would I look to get one?


@iphone897 yes checking on that as well. Darn, it surprised me that it uses a CRT for the viewfinder. It is like an old fashioned TV:-)


Behind the battery there is a small silver cr2025 battery can anyone tell me what that’s for?


@iphone897 that is your RTC battery. It makes sure that your Date and Time are right as well as it help to maintain your settings.


What powers the viewfinder the cr2025 battery of the main battery as I take out the cr2025 battery and the clock is still in there?


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