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iPhone Xs Max original touchscreen does not work

I have an iPhone XS Max that has never been repaired before. The problem was caused by a shorted capacitor at the PP_2V63_Nand.

After repair, the phone powers up but Original touchscreen not working. We put the original TS on another phone and it's fine.
The phone works well with a China display.

All the reading on J5800 is good using diode mode.
I have also replaced U5600 but still the same problem.
All related caps around U5600 is ok and not shorting.
U2900 reballing and on capacitor C2917 there is 1.1V
All power is present on the J5800 connector

Can anyone help please? Thanks

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I am not sure how the original problem occurred maybe a drop or some liquid damage. I don’t know what equipment you have on hand but I would separate the boards and install them into a test fixture, then connect an iBridge to the touch connector and boot the phone. This way you can completely rule out the touch circuits with voltage and diode measurements while the connector is in place. If everything measures correctly with this procedure I would be looking at two scenarios the first being driver software, it use to be quite common that an original screen would not work but an aftermarket one would on the XS series. Sometimes a DFU restore would fix the problem and other times it would not and would need to have apple calibrate it with their dongle. One of the other causes would be dirty data lines but I did find that the touch worked occasionally. You would need to use an oscilloscope for these measurements. Have fun down the rabbit hole.

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The original touchscreen worked before the repair, above I wrote that the capacitor on the NAND power line was broken, I separated the boards, replaced the capacitor, checked the boards in the isocket and the sensor no longer works. The Chinese display works well, the original one does not (it does not respond to the touchscreen). Everything is fine on the J5800 connector in diode mode.


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