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charging port isn't charging, is it mean that the battery is dead?

I intend to repair it, to see if I am capable of doing so for my future career. I have some experience with repair, but not entirely 100% yet.

After I removed the screen, I noticed there was a black spot with a ring surrounding it. Does it seem like it's the spark from the battery? I assumed that the battery need to replace with a charging port. I just need someone to tell me if I'm correct or if I'm wrong.

Block Image

I would appreciate your help.

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If you've got it open for sure replace the battery. Go carefully, they are glued down and be cautious if you're using a heat gun to loosen up the sticky compound.

The charging port is likely filled with lint. Use a small pin/needle that can get down in there and just go gently scooping out all the debris. Get a light shining down in there too and make sure you don't have any fragments stuck or shorting out something.

FYI, you may have a more major issue at hand and if this basic troubleshooting doesn't resolve your issue you may need a new charging port or deeper investigation to see where the issue lies.

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I will do the battery replacement first task to do before go to the next, a charging port. I will let you know how its goes after I am done and thank you for a quick replied with advice.


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Hi Albert,

Yeah, that spot on the display does look as though it may have been from a spark from the battery. It's a little hard to tell from your picture, but if it is from a spark, there should be a corresponding mark on the battery itself in the same spot that would have been against the display; it appears there might have been one.

I agree 100% with Combat x Computers regarding replacing the battery and cleaning the port. Your strategy is sound; if the battery by itself doesn't fix the issue then the charging port should be next.

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