The PowerMac G5 is a desktop computer first produced in 2003 by the Apple Corporation. This guide will review the repair process of an Apple PowerMac G5 model number A1047 EMC 2061 from 2004. It was discontinued in 2006 as part of the Intel switch first to developers then consumers.

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Power Mac G5 main light just flashes.

I have the same problem. Nothing comes up on the monitor. I basically have got the mac pro g5 from a house clearance. I was just helping out someone & spotted the mac plus monitor. The person I was helping is just into furniture & isn't interested in computers at all. From what i can see inside the hard drive is missing & the ram. I have an iMac at home & have no idea about these towers.

Main light on the g5 flashes once every 5 seconds for 27 flashes on the 28 flash it flashes 3 times in a row.Then it will start the process again. Fans are running non stop


nru4 are the last letters & number. Just ordered a dvi to mini dvi so I can connect the monitor to my iMac, just so I can check the monitors fine.

Also got a 250gb hard drive. still need to get ram though. one flash is missing ram, Im wondering the 3 flashes might be missing hd.

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Please start a new question for a complete answer. Give us the last three figures of your serial number. Thanks


@mayer, off topic, last week you mentioned in a thread that I should post info about myself. I added it tonight. Thanks for reminding me. ~cheers~


Thanks for the profile John, nice background. I'm not sure why we didn't get a map on your location. Maybe because you haven't ordered anything from iFixit yet. You'll be eligible for a free Tee shirt when you hit 500 rep points and you can order that.


@mayer I placed my first order a few weeks back when they had the $10 first order deal. I haven't been on the past few days, service calls and overflowed shop with iPods and laptops.


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You will continue to get flashes till you install some working RAM. The numbers you gave did not bring up a machine so I can't tell you which RAM to get yet. This information should be located on the bottom of the door frame although I've also seen it on the back. Trying to use your iMac as a monitor won't work nor will a TV. Any old CRT or LED will work as long as you have the correct adapter. If your iMac is a G5 it can be used to clone a operating system onto using an external adapter or external enclosure. I would call Apple and spend the $15 to get an original installation disk and the Apple Hardware Test to help with diagnostics on your machine and give you a base system to work off of. You will need the whole serial number to order.

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