Tv won't turn back on after I turn it off

After I turn off my TV it won't turn back on unless I disconnect and reconnect the screen ribbon. I have already replace the main board (t con included) does anyone have any suggestions?

Update (02/12/2023)

I saw where a thin piece of tape at the ribbon connection could make it turn off and on. So, I placed a 1/8th wide piece on the upper ribbon at the main and tv works but left side of screen has less color. Now, I took the tape off and tv goes back to previous problem(rotating off/on when turned on. I disconnected ribbon and reconnected with tv on, and at lower ribbon, at driverboard, tv came on and worked perfectly for as long as I wanted but when I turned it off, it went back to problem.

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leebutch which cable do you disconnect? The one from the mainboard (t-con integrated on main board) to the to the LCD driver boards. This could be a power board issues since that supplies the power to the panel but it could also be an issue with the panel. Check for damaged looking components on the lcd driver boards. Measure the voltages on the powerboard connector to the main board.


Can you upload a picture of the power board in your TV so we can check it? Ajout d'images à une question existante


this was an explanation of the question, not an answer. Still need an answer.


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