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The Beats Solo Pro is for the listener who's always on the move. Noise cancelling is surprisingly effective for a pair of on-ear headphones. Although the sound signature remains bass-heavy, as is emblematic of Beats, it rarely overpowers vocal reproduction.

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Beats Solo Pro won't turn on or charge

I've been using these headphones all day and haven't had an issue until now. They were being used almost constantly over the past 2 or 3 hours and they died. So I plugged them in to charge, no issues there. The LED charging light lit up red and I left them for 30 or so minutes. After that, I wanted to use them to work out so I grabbed them and put them on. They didn't make any noise whatsoever - not the startup noise, or the noise telling me when it connects to my phone, not even the power down noise (like if it wasn't actually charging).

So I tried to plug it back in and the LED light never turned on, no matter how long I kept them on there. I tried to plug them into other chargers, that charger has caused some issues recently, but still absolutely nothing.

I looked online and all I really found was talking about resetting them. I've tried all different ways of resetting them and nothing has worked. I even contacted apple support but they gave me the same advice (which still didn't work) and then told me I needed to take them in to be serviced.

I really can't afford to have them serviced at this point. I'm paid minimum wage and don't have the savings. Is there any sort of at-home solutions other than those mentioned here that work? Or does anyone have any other advice?

I've had these headphones for a year and a half and I've already had so many issues. I use them daily, as I am very sensitive to loud and distracting noises. I can't overstate how important these are to me. I really want to make sure I've exhausted all my options, however, before paying more than I can afford to have them "serviced". Does anyone have any ideas?

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Do you have a multimeter?


I have the exact same problem, as I use it to stimulate myself and stressful situations or just about anything and I use it every. single. day. And it won't turn on either or anything for that matter


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Have you tried plugging them in and holding the reset/noise cancelling button?

I found that sometimes they do this when they can’t find the device they are paired to so I would try a full reset while on charge

Here’s a link for the instructions for the reset

Another thing to try would be disconnecting the battery then reseating it

Here’s a guide for that

In your case you just need to reseat the connector:-)

After that it could be a issue with firmware or the headphones logicboard ;-{

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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You just hold the mode button for about 30 seconds, it should blink red and white for a lil bit and that just means its dead. Actually, when you turn your iPhone on it should say "beats solo pro connected(or whatever the name of your device is)" but then also it should also say "1%". Charge them and they should be fine! if they are still blinking red and white you might need to change your charger.

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