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Device repair and information for HP's line of Pavilion 15" laptop computers.

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My Space bar is Stuck on one side and is slanted.

I have an HP Pavillion 2018 laptop and my space bar is slanted on one side and the side that is down has a hard time reading space inputs. I was told that maybe it's dust and that's why it's slanted. I was also to use compressed air also. how do I fix the space bar?

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What is the full model number of the laptop as shown on the product info label on the bottom of the laptop?

Knowing this will help to find the correct part if there's a broken hinge, clip etc under the spacebar.

Here's a video that gives some idea as to how they're assembled. The clips and hinges on your model may be different so that's why knowing the exact model number will help.

Search online for HP (insert full model number) replacement keys to find suppliers that suit you best.

Here's a supplier just to give an example. Take note of what is said in the Description. They also have installation videos as well.

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The model is 15- cs0051cl


@Anthony A.

Here's the same supplier but if you decide to use them verify that it is compatible with your model


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