Software Upgrade (Hardware is Fine)

Hello - I bought an LG K31 phone 12-8-20, Model No LM-K300QM6. Shortly thereafter I learned LG was departing the phone business, so LG is no longer offering support. My phone's current version is Android 10, and I am not able to update apps. (I get bounce backs stating "cannot update.") The hardware is solid -- works great. I terminated my phone account because the phone portion was not working (they did insert two new SIM cards to no avail). I can access internet with WiFi only (e.g. at the library). I do not have a home router nor do I want one. I can call 911 and also use the camera, calculator, and some other features, so I always carry it. Is there a way I can install the latest version of Android (13?) so the phone can be fully functional? If so, I would reinstate my Spectrum account. For budgetary and environmental reasons, I WANT TO AVOID BUYING A NEW PHONE.

Thank you for offering this useful and much-needed service to people!

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