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The Acer Aspire One 722 is a diverse netbook that was released in July 2008. The Acer Aspire One 722 is an 11.6 inch netbook that comes in a sleek black or blue color. This netbook weighs in at 1.46 kg, which is the typical weight of a netbook of its size.

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My laptop turns on, but doesn't appear on the screen

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Acer aspire one 722

How do I fix my netbook?

I turned it on but nothing appears on the screen. Also usually if the laptop is alive the indicator lights are on 2, the 1st light (blue) and the 3rd light (orange). The middle one (2nd) is the charge indicator light. But now, only the blue one is on.


Last night I was opening tele web and wa web in chrome, suddenly the laptop froze, I studied it for a few minutes, but it was still the same. Then I forced shutdown it via the power button. After that, I left the laptop for a while, now when I want to turn it on again it's like this:(. Cann't appear on the screen

Please i need a solution

There are my assignment files too:(

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try replacing lcd with a good one, that you are certain works.

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