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Can I move the calibration data from old screen

Can i move te screen's data by soldering the chip from the old screen to the new one with out using a programer to move the data and if i don't move the data or reprogram the new screen what functions will i lose?

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I will have to leave it to others to comment on the feasibility of physically moving a chip in order to keep the screen data, as I don't know the answer to that myself. I assume it can be done, but as far as which chip or chips need to be moved I haven't a clue.

As far as any drawbacks to not reprogramming the screen, the only one I'm aware of is that the True Tone function will no longer work. I know that newer phones have started putting out a message that the screen may not be genuine (even if it is a genuine Apple screen), but I'm not sure exactly which model started with that warning; I know it doesn't happen on the iPhone X, but I have no information on the XS Max. Those warnings, however, only appear as pop-ups temporarily and do not affect the operation of the screen whatsoever.

Keep in mind, however, that the reprogramming of the screen can be done at any time; you just have to remove the screen from the phone in order to program it. Although the simplest way is to copy the number from the old screen, it is also possible to retrieve the needed data directly from the phone itself, so it can still be done even if the original screen has been destroyed or discarded.

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I'm mostly afraid of some sort of ios update that would render te phone useless if the screen was not re programed (it wouldn't be so far from apple that they roll out an update that render the phone useless because a part is not "genuin")


@mesugemesuge I have to agree with Nigel that an update like that isn't likely to happen. Given the age of the iPhone X and it's offshoots, it's only going to get more likely as times goes on that any given phone will have a replacement screen. The screams of outrage would be heard throughout the world if they did something like that.


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Yes you can move the chip, as long as you have a hot air station, microscope. Micro soldering skills and plenty of patience. If you fit a aftermarket screen without transferring the screen data you will only lose true tone and possibly a none genuine message which will disappear after time. Your phone will not stop working because you don't have the screen data. Apple would have a massive court case on its hands if it killed off millions of phones with aftermarket screens with no data. Don't worry about it. Your phone will still work. Look on YouTube for chip transfer videos to see what's involved. Might even try one myself one day.

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