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Le dixième smartphone phare Galaxy de Samsung, mise sur le marché en février 2019. Livré avec le système d'exploitation Android 9.0 (Pie).

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I can't get the glass back cover off using the iOpener and suction cup

Hello, I am following the instructions to replace the battery in a Galaxy S10 phone: Remplacement de la batterie du Samsung Galaxy S10

I purchased the iFixit repair kit. I am stuck on step 2. After I lay a heated iOpener on the right side of the back cover of the phone, I try to pry up with the suction cup. It's supposed to create a small gap on the right edge where I can slide a pry tool and loosen the adhesive. However the back cover does not budge at all. would you be able to tell what I am doing wrong?

I suspect a few things. First of all, I'm not sure if I'm using the suction cup correctly. If I pull extremely hard, the suction cup pops off. However I can still pull with decent pressure before that happens.

I'm not sure about the correct technique. I have been using my left hand to push down the left side of the back cover while prying up on the right side with the suction cup. Theoretically I am flexing the back cover, and that is correct right?

Another possible issue is the back cover doesn't seem to get very hot from the iOpener. Honestly not even as hot as some previous phones I own when they were running heavy games. However the iopener feels fairly hot, only if I squeeze it a little, and I had to microwave for way longer than the 30 seconds in the instructions. I laid a book on top of the iopener and phone, which didn't make the phone very hot.

One last possibility is the previous owner of this phone had repaired it, and used very strong glue to seal the back cover. The back cover has a few blemishes.

Thanks for your time!

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Use a thin piece of plastic and isopropyl alcohol on it. You may need to buy an opening tool which is a very thing metal sheet to start a slot for the plastic. If there is a small gap, (usually is after a backs been off) you could use a craft knife or a razor blade to start it off. If you don't have alcohol just use the plastic but go easy and don't insert it too far. The guide you followed is for the samsung adhesive on a back thats never been removed before. Good luck.

Update (03/15/23)

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opening tool

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Thanks Nigel.i will try, however I can't seem to get the back to lift at all, so there is no gap between the back cover and frame of the phone to slide anything into. Do you think I'm doing something wrong as far as heating up the adhesive with the iOpener?


I've updated my answer to show what I use. Insert it at a 45 degree angle from below and gently slide it between the back and housing. It should eventually go in. Without knowing what adhesive was used just makes it harder. I've never had a back that hasn't come off doing it this way. I've only used a heat gun or a heat mat to be honest. No idea on iopeners sorry.


It okay Nigel. Your advice sounds great. I will try the iopener with the plastic pry tool shown in the article one last time. Making sure the iopener is super hot this time. If it fails again I will try out your advice. Thanks a lot


@strongbow I got the back off finally! Ended up buying the jimmy tool which is similar to the tool you mentioned. I also found out the ohone wasn't getting hot enough from the iOpener, so I had to heat the iOpener longer than its stated 30 seconds. That made it hot enough that I couldn't touch it , tho I didn't want to overheat and burst it.

The iOpener made the back of the phone "just barely too hot to touch” in Jerry rig everything's words. I used the suction cup by holding the sides of the phone down and pulling up using my thumb, pointer, and middle fingers.

The glass did not lift as far as in the guide photos, but I was able to slide the jimmy tool. That made a small enough gap for the plastic picks.

But I got too excited and shattered the glass by trying to cut the adhesive with the picks while it wasn't hot enough on the top edge of the glass. So make sure your adhesive is heated enough and fairly easy to cut. Was surprised how fragile the glass is . Thank you for helping me!


@i7vitdptxqvbqz Happy to help, to be honest sometimes I don't even bother with heat at all. Just a bit of alcohol.


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