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Lancé le 20 septembre, le smartphone 2019 d'Apple est doté d'un écran OLED de 5,8 pouces, d'une caméra arrière à triple objectif et d'une autonomie de batterie considérablement améliorée. Il succède à l'iPhone XS.

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Old display works, new doesn't

My situation:

The original display broke 1 1/2 years ago while the iPhone fell of my bike. I replaced it with a refurbished unit and everything worked fine. Last week the refurbished display started to have some issuses, so I opened the phone up to see if I could resolve the problem. But after that the display was black. I tried the old (broken) display, which worked just fine. So I ordered a replacement from iFixit, installed it and ... the new display kept being black too. The only thing working was touch. So I got in contact with the iFixit Team, send them a video of the display and they sent me a replacement unit. But - you might have guessed it - nothing changed.

The situation kept being the same:

Old and broken display works, two new units don't (except for touch of course). So I cleaned the respective ports with Isopropyl alcohol and tried again. But the result didn't change.

Has anyone encountered the same problem and/or has a solution for this? Thanks in advance!

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it looks the refurbished screen has damaged your phone mother board

check the screen connector components plz

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Hi @leojue,

I ran into a similar issue with my grandson's iPhone X. He broke the screen, so I ordered a replacement, which seemed to work when I plugged it in. However, after a few plugging and unplugging cycles caused by trying to reprogram the True Tone data, the screen seemingly stopped displaying. Touch still worked, but I wasn't seeing anything on the display.

So I ordered another replacement screen, and installed it, figuring I'd somehow damaged the first one while messing around with it. However, within a couple of weeks he'd dropped the %#*@ thing yet again and broken the screen. So I went back and tried that first replacement screen and after some fiddling with it, it started working! So I buttoned it up, avoiding any more messing with it than I absolutely had to, and it's still working.

My conclusion here is that there never was anything wrong with the screen, but rather I simply hadn't gotten it plugged in correctly. On the X, the OLED plug is on the lower board, meaning it's sunk into a depression next to the battery and therefore harder to get to than the other connectors.

I'd suggest checking the connectors on both sides carefully, making sure there aren't any bent or broken pins. then retry your connections. Verify that the FPC connector is fully engaged into the board. Some of the longer connectors recommend you start at one end and kind of zip it in as you go.

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