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AARP RealPad MA7BX2 is a device that came out in 2014. Identified by the word RealPad on the back and the model number at the bottom.

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Won't Charge, Won't Turn On, But Trying to Retireve Data

A couple of years ago, my grandmother turned her RealPad over to me to "fix". Apparently, it wasn't charging or turning on. This wouldn't be a problem, if it didn't have a picture saved to it that she desperately wants. My first stop was AARP's website to try the Customer Service route, but it looks like that's no longer available. So far, I have tried cleaning the charging port, using a newer charge cable, and plugging said cable into a wall outlet as opposed to a USB port on a computer. No dice. I lack the know-how and tools to be able to tell if the battery is dead, or if it's a much bigger problem. Does anyone have any advice on how to either 1.) diagnose the problem with more accuracy, 2.) retrieve the data off of the tablet without repairing it, and/or 3.) locate a replacement battery for the retched thing?

Update (08/04/23)

USB ammeter came in today. I tried both the cable that my grandmother was using and an old phone charger cable. I had to use said phone charger's plug as well. I must confess, I'm not as well versed in this stuff as I should be. So I had to look up a Youtube video on how to use the USB ammeter. I think I got it right.

Block Image

Above is the reading for the original cable.

Block Image

And this is the reading with the phone cable.

Block Image

And this is the back of the plug (forgive the blurriness). I believe it says 5.1V (which is standard, if I recall correctly).

Update (08/05/23)

I unfortunately have never owned an iPad, but I did have an old Barnes and Noble Nook charger and a more newish Amazon Fire HD 8 charger.

Block Image

Above is the Amazon Fire charger.

Block Image

And here is the Nook charger.

I would say by the numbers that the Fire charger has more oomph, but neither caused the tablet to either pop up a charging screen or come on. Should I try leaving it plugged in overnight with either? Or is it autopsy time?

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Does the screen turn on at all when you plug it in?


Nope, no signs of life. I've attempted to hold down the power button for a minute or so, and tried just pressing it.


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@scribegossett start off by getting a USB ammeter and see if the tablet even tries to charge. Let us know what amperage it is pulling. My gut feeling for now is that it is a bad battery which will be your main issue. This tablet was built by ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY(DONG GUAN)COMPANY LIMITED and it runs on Android 4.4 OS (KitKat)  For now, here is what you will be looking at, once it's opened.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Looking at the images, it appears as if there are just clips that hold front/back together

Block Image

I just pointed to some of those, but you do see a pattern. I am certain a simple opening tool will "split" this unit. Do not go at it with brute force :-) Nice and gentle at first.

Retrieve the data off of the tablet without repairing it" will be difficult since you have nothing to connect your tablet's memory storage IC's to. You need to have it to at least come on to get to the point of accessing your files.

"locate a replacement battery for the retched thing"? We learned from the images that the battery is a 4150mAh EU2984145P Battery. The size of it is Width: 84mm; Height: 145mm; Thickness: 2.9mm. It is still available at a few places. Just do an online search with the "EU2984145P" as search string.

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(Sorry it's taken me a while to get back.)

As for the USB ammeter, would the one sold here do the job? Or do I need to search one down with a mini-USB connection? (Do they make those?) If I replace the battery, will I be able to access the data?

(Also, thank you for the pictures. I've been struggling to find any kind of details on this thing, so anything is a huge help!)


@scribegossett get soemthing inexepsnive (unless you plan or doing more repairs). Something { |like this] as an example only. You plug the ammeter into your charger and plug your charging cable into the meter. The micro USB still connects to the device. Unless both ends have a Micro USB port. Then use a different cable. Something with a USB-A connector and micro USB on the other end. We are just interested in seeing how many amps your device will pull.


I placed the needed pictures and information in the update above. I hate to post a nothing comment, but I'm not sure the site will send out a notification otherwise...


@scribegossett does the number of the Amps change when you try to turn it on?


Device does not turn on so far as I can tell.


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