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L'AirPort Time Capsule est un dispositif de réseau sans fil avec un stockage réseau (NAS) et un routeur.

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Replace airport card/modem in TC gen 4 (802.11N)

Can I replace the Airport Card/Module in the Airport Time Capsule A1409 4th gen (802.11N)?

I fear the answer is Duh, NO!, but the answer is always no if you don't ask.

Thanks, Mark

PS: Is it worth replacing the HD with a SSD?

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While you can’t alter the capsules WiFi interface, you can still connect a WiFI unit externally! As far as swapping out the HDD to a SSD while that can be done, you won’t get the best performance as this units SATA interface is only SATA II not SATA III

So consider your needs, review your cost Vs benefits.

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Thank you. Cost is a biggie, but having pieces parts lying around, had to ask those with more experience, skills and knowledge than me.

It works well, as a basic backup, but occasionally I get the Tim "The Toolman" Taylor moments, and want to make it faster, better just because it's (sometimes) possible. ; )


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