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My mobile phone repair

Phone display light off

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Hi Ksad Karthik,

Your question is a little light on information, so I'm going to give you an answer based on my best guess as to your problem. I'm reading into your question that the backlight on your display has failed and you want to know how to fix it. If that's incorrect you can stop reading right now.

Okay, going on my initial assumption, the backlight can fail for a few different reasons, but the most common is from screen damage. That kind of damage is not always apparent; in fact, there may be no visible signs at all. If that's the case, then the only solution is to replace the screen. On your phone the display comes mounted on the midframe of the phone, meaning you have to pretty much disassemble the entire phone and move all of the parts to a new housing containing the replacement display. Your particular phone is probably considered about a medium rating as far as difficulty; it's very doable if you have a set of instructions to follow.

Sorry to say, we don't have any such guide available here on iFixit, but there's a Spanish site called Nadie Me Llama Gallina that has exactly what you need.

Manuales / LG Q7 / Full screen with chassis

Check online for replacement screens according to your location and availability. AilExpress, eBay and Amazon are all good places to start with, but there are many other sites where you can purchase the parts you need. Don't forget some adhesive for the rear case to help restore it to a semi-waterproof state.

Good luck with your repair; let us know how it goes!

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