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Repair information and troubleshooting for the HP Pavilion 15-au. This is a 15 inch laptop computer manufactured by HP as part of their Pavilion line.

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Would you do a video on replacing the Shell back?

Would you do a video or make instructions for how to replace the shell back? I have a major crack near my power button. It looks like I might have to take everything off the shell but again, I'm kind of new to tearing stuff down and then putting them together

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Hi @mrperfecti85718,

What is the full model number of your laptop as shown on the product info label on the bottom of the laptop?


Model Number: 15- AU010WM


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Hi @mrperfecti85718

Not a video but equally as good if not better.

Here's the maintenance and service guide, taken from this support page for the laptop.

It details the procedures to completely disassemble the laptop.

On p.16 thru to p.21 there is the parts list for the laptop. The base enclosure part numbers are found on p.18. Search online using the required part number only to find suppliers that suit you best

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