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Le premier modèle d'iPhone, modèle A1203 avec 4 ou 8 Go de stockage, et coque en aluminum. Les réparations sont souvent basées sur le principe du levier et peuvent demander de la soudure quelques fois.

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bootlooping iPhone 2g got worse...

video from the last question

so long story short.....

i asked a question about a bootlooping iphone maybe 1-2 months ago and got told to use 3utools.

then i did it after managing to get a windows laptop and the put the iphone in dfu mode, and it told me to flash it and restore it. i did and it got stuck at 18%

three. freaking. times.

and now instead of bootlooping like it did, it would show the apple logo for 3 seconds and then go straight into recovery mode.

then i tried to use itunes to restore, once before i used 3utools, and it did nothing.

then i tried it twice after, and still did nothing

im so defeated, lol


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Thumbs up to Casphone. Exactly what I was going to say.


@casphoneca51957 lol ill try that and see if anything happens, i just hope i didn't destroy iOS, lol


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Have you replaced the battery?

The battery if it is dying can make your phone boot loop

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