Unresponsive touchscreen after LCD screen replacement

I recently replaced the LCD screen of my daughter's Samsung Galaxy A21 after she dropped it. Although the screen was shattered, after putting packing tape on it so she wouldn't cut herself she was still able to use it and the touchscreen was operable. After replacing the LCD screen (without frame), however, the phone boots up but the touchscreen no longer works. I've restarted it many times, checked the cables and battery connections, soft rebooted, hard rebooted and factory reset it...still no touch capability. So, I thought I maybe had a defective screen. I ordered a new screen, but before installing this second screen I decided to try plugging it into the back of the phone to test it and see if it worked. Again, this second screen boots up but the touch doesn't work.

Does anybody have a clue what is going on?


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Did you disconnect the battery before anything else? Check the connections for bent pins or components that might of been knocked off the board when removing it.


Is there any chance you still have the original broken screen you can test the touch screen function with since you know it worked with that screen?


I have disconnected and reconnected the battery several times. No luck.

I also thought about hooking up the old screen again, but the glass became detached from its backing during removal. I may try it anyway just to see what happens.


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