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mines doing this after two separate installs leading me to believe A: these screens are defective or B: there's a static point that im not seeing, that needs to be de-soldered any one know?

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did you replace top and bottom or just one?


Corbin dallas, you have put this as an answer to another person's question. You have also left out the history of this DS Lite. Has it been exposed to liquid? Does it have a broken hinge? Do both screens flash or only 1? If only 1 which one? When installing the new upper screen did you bend, crinkle or tear the ribbon cable? The new LCD requires the speakers to be soldered on them, are the solder joints clean and the wires soldered to the proper pads? When installing the new screens did you make sure the ribbon connector was all the way in and both dog ears on the cable touching the connector, evenly?


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