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Guides de réparation et de démontage pour Apple Time Capsule Modèle A1302. La plupart des informations s'applique également au modèle A1254.

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WD Green, Blue, Red or Barracuda? Performance, reliability, price?

I notice in both the instructions and comments people are replacing the original Time Capsule HDD with WD Green-line of disks. However WD tells Green is the lower end of their lineup. Blue is better and Red specifically for NAS 24/7 performance.

Obviously this comes with a price tag. Have green disks performed as well as the Apple original? Is it overshooting to use higher spec lines? And what about Seagate Barracudas?

My original 1TB disk is just fine, I just want more capacity. Second question: is there a limit to what HDD capacity the Time Capsule bus, processor, etc can handle?



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Don't know about ATC drive compatibility or requirements, but it shouldn't require a lot.

In terms of HDDs, Greens are absolutely bottom end in terms of power consumption, performance and reliability. Performance doesn't matter so much in ATC, but the reliability issue can be worrying.

The HDD inside the ATC sleeps most of the times, but occasional wake-ups may wear down the heads over time. Check the HDD datasheet to see if the head is rated for 100k/300k/600k load-unload cycles, lower rated drives may die some day due to frequent load-unloads.

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SSD’s might be a better option. The prices are still dropping and they don’t have the same wear issue as HDD’s.


@danj They have a different wear issue, however it's only related to writing data to it and it doesn't care about on/off cycles.

SSD also have an archiving reliability issue, but only apparent if the drive has been disconnected from power for years, so probably not immediately relevant.


@tomchai - So far my SSD based RAID has held up well.

The cell wear issue only becomes an issue with active boot drives and drives which data is deleted and rewritten over and over again.

Drives which are appended to don’t face this risk, yes a drive which gets files deleted over time can face the risk but not at the same levels drives with heavy data churn face.


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