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Repair and disassembly information for Logitech's G533 wireless gaming headset. The G533 can be identified by its model number A-00072. It was released in January 2017.

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Mic randomly stopped working

I can hear the beep which indicates my mic is being turned on when the mic is flipped up to mute and down to unmute. Although i hear the headset is registering the mic being used for some reason, it just stopped working.

does anyone have experience replacing the mic on one of these? if so please share your experience and point me in the right direction for replacement parts.

thank you in advance.

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Hi HawgDawg,

I was going to answer, but ran across someone else with a similar problem and the first comment on that question was pretty much exactly what I was going to say, so I'll just link to that question and let you read it for yourself.

Mic doesn’t work - Logitech G533 - iFixit

See the comment by F Dryer (@notbroken ) for a very good explanation of exactly what I was thinking.

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Thanks for the reply Jerry

I can't seem to find the comment you're referring to, the thread you linked was helpful though.


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