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2018 model Internal part number: HE500S5U51

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Hisense 55P7 open cover how

I want to open the back of tv but even with all screws out I can’t lift it. It looks like something is holding on the sides. I tried to find clips but had no luck. Does anyone know how to pull it off without breaking the cover?

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Hi there. With the TV upside down resting on the top edge and the feet detached you have to lever up two plastic clips on either end of the plastic cover. They are the same shape as the cover right in the corners. They only lift about15mm and this releases the back cover. A very ingenious design. I have not done anything more as the TV has been OK. Good luck.

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Thank you Greg :) I will try my best :)

It's amazing and worked like a magic


Hi there, is anyone able to post a picture of where these clips are? I am struggling to get it open



See below.....


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Block Image

1: using a flat blade screw driver, slide the clips outwwards (clips are near foot of tv). for each side of the tv
2: once clips are fully extended, slide cover the otehr way (cover is held / clipped by internal screws, it slides out the "top"

Note..... make sure you unscrew all the back cover screws (theres 3 near the tv arial section and 1 was hidden below the main power input label area) and the "back row" of the screws on the bottom of the tv before the above stuff

disclaimer.... no responsibility for any wrong information above etc..... do at own risk etc..... only trying to help etc.....

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