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Repair and disassembly information for Sony WH-1000XM4 wireless noise-cancelling over-ear headphones.

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I’m getting a high pitched sound out the right side randomly

Hi everyone. After having success with other repair help on here I figured it was time to tackle my headphone lot I bought. I mainly bought this lot for this pair of headphones. They work fantastically however I have a problem where randomly you can hear this popping that will turn into a loud high pitch like whistle almost.

I’m wondering if it’s a speaker that’s dying but I am honestly not to sure cosmetically they look great and I have been using them a bit in this condition with everything else going well.

To clarify the right side still works it’s not dead but this whistle sound will happen randomly and only happens over bluetooth

Any help is appreciated thank you guys

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This is usually due to the microphone being dislodged/damaged. Temporary solution is to press the cup back in until it "clicks" (risk of damaging further so be careful) and/or turn off noise cancelling. I ended up getting mine replaced under warranty. There are some more technical guides available here though that might be useful in fixing the problem properly.

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And I probably would to I bought them out of a salvage lot a long time ago next question would you have any idea where to look for parts? Knowing the microphone is the problem is very helpful but unfortunately if that microphone is damaged I can’t replace it without a new one


So after taking some additional research into it turns out its not the microphone but rather the glue from the pop filter that is causing the feedback loop. Did exactly that removed it and the problem was fixed took me 5 seconds thanks for giving me that tip for looking there


Hi Jacob, thanks for updating with how you went, this post comes up when. People search so your information helps a lot. Glad to hear that fixed the problem!


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