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The Infinix Hot 10i is an entry level smartphone with a 6.52 screen and a 6000 mAh battery released May, 2021.

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Why is my media volume of my phone too low

My media volume is very low even when in it's maximum I still can't hear even within a meter or so. How do I fix it?.

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my phone specker sound was vary low


the speaker may be dirty or will break down soon.


My phone Media volume is too low


@khalilulla90072 start off by doing what it says in the Answer provided. If that does not work, explain exactly what you have done and what you have checked. The more information you can provide the greater your chances of getting an answer that will help you.


Why is my media volume of my phone too low


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try disassemble the phone and clean the speaker especially the speaker grill because dirt in these area could cause volume being down

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