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Repair guides and support for coffee makers by Keurig including the K-Cup systems.

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My Keurig Elite keeps tripping the electrical fuse off.

I have a new Keurig Elite and it continues to flip the fuse. We've tried it on a number of outlets and it flips each one. I'm hesitant to try another Elite, but I'm tired of this!!

Any help?

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I’m having the same issue, this is the 2nd Keurig that I have purchased because the first was doing the same thing. Our electrician said it has to do with the old breaker (our home is only 6 years old) but, by replacing the “old “ breaker with one that has the new technology of today it “ might” help the situation, but no guarantee.


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Hi @u8ixix6juivv7p

If it is new, return it for a refund or a replacement as it is faulty.

Could be a number of things that causes this to happen e.g. internal wiring problem, element problem etc. Whatever it is, it could be dangerous and the breaker tripping is preventing any possible injury from occurring to you or your family, by disconnecting the power to the device e.g. the coffee maker may be "live" if the power was still there

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