Why is my phone rejecting calls

Whenever I am called my phone always say line busy

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Hi @odunjoseun,

What is the model number of the phone?

Have you checked that it is not in airplane mode?

Have you checked that the phone's call forwarding setting (call divert) is not activated and incoming calls are being diverted to another number that is busy or not obtainable?

What have you checked?


The phone model number is Infinix X652.The phone is not in airplane mode and all the forwarding settings are off.



Can you call out OK from the phone?


Yes I make calls from the phone.



What indication do you get in a phone when calling your number from the other phone e.g. voice message, busy signal etc?

Have you checked with your mobile phone service provider to make sure all is OK?

Have you checked your Voicemail settings are OK?


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