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This Audi A6 model received a facelift in 2001 for both sedan and Avant versions. The revised A6 sedan featured a new grille design and different headlights, while also being fitted with a wide range of petrol and diesel engine configurations. Most of these powerplants received a boost in power outputs.

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Interior lights don't work

Interior lights and button to lock the doors don't seem to work. I just bought this car second hand. However Window buttons do work. Also button to open trunk doesn't not work. Any suggestions?

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@corneliousj5992 What model year is the car?


Hi Andrew it's a 2004


@corneliousj5992 Have you checked that the fuses are all good?


No, I'm not sure how to check or which one to look for.


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  1. Check fuses (Info at the cover of the fuse box) or just replace the broken one ;-)
  2. Check the door sensor if it recognizes door(s) state (open/closed). maybe disassembly is nessesary
  3. Check button and interior lights by measure powersuply if car is started or key is in pre-ignition position
  4. If VCDS diag system is available. You can check for erros in one of the control units

additional infos, schematics, exploding drawnigs can be gained via erWin of AUDI -

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Thanks! I'll give it a shot!


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