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Processeur quad-core Intel Core i7 à 2,2 GHz (Turbo Boost jusqu'à 3,4 GHz), 2,5 GHz (Turbo Boost jusqu'à 3,7 GHz), ou 2,8 GHz (Turbo Boost jusqu'à 4,0 GHz) avec 6Mo de cache L3 partagé.

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Why Battery Information shows "Fully Charged: No"

I purchased and replaced a MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Mid 2015) Battery following the guide here. Thank you. It was a bit nerve racking and it took me 3 hours but I go it done.

All seems to be working fine with the battery. I drained it and recharged it one time. When I pull the Battery Information on the screen it shows iFixit as the manufacturer and all details but it says "Fully Charged: No" with "State of Charge (%): 100" and "Cycle Count: 2. Condition: Normal." The battery is fully charged but it says it isn't. Any clues as to what I can do to recognize it is fully charged?

Thank you,


Update (05/26/23)

Anything stands out?

Block Image

I will drain it and recharge it gain.

Update (08/09/23)


Block Image

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Let’s get a better view of things, install this gem of an App CoconutBattery take a snapshot of the apps main window posting it here for us to see.

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Thank you Dan!


@terrajavier - Well CoconutBattery is reporting a healthy battery. But the age of the battery is off!

Let’s give this a try, carefully disconnect the battery and with nothing connected press and hold the power button for a good 15secs to fully discharge the logic board. Then plug the MagSafe charger in, leaving the battery disconnected for now it should spontaneously start, let it fully startup and do a proper shutdown and now plug in the battery. Restarting again did the batteries date change (give it a few minutes for it to refresh).


@danj I discharged the logic board as you explained. When I plug the MagSafe charger in (battery unplugged) it does not fully start. It attempts to start but it does not fully start so I can't properly shut it down. Do I have to press a combo key to get it to fully start? Thanks.


Mmm… This sounds like your SSD OS is damaged! The OS can’t load as a file is corrupted. It’s also possible the GPU died and the GPU driver can’t load so it gets stuck!

Let’s give this a try! Restart your system and press the Shift (⇧) key to enter the Safe Boot option. That will tell the system to leverage the Intel graphics engine instead

Reference: Mac startup key combinations

See if that works, at this point you can plug in the battery as you’ve reset SMC and cleared the latch.

If that too fails try running the diagnostics

Do you have access to another Mac system to create a bootable external drive? I like having a 32GB USB thumb drive setup as for events like this.


@danj Thanks! I put it back together. Just to be sure: we were doing all of this only because the new battery did not register the right date when I pulled CoconutBattery, right?

Do you still suggest I follow the steps above? The computer does start and works perfectly fine when the battery is connected, whether plugged in to power or on the battery alone.

I do have another Mac I can use to create the bootable external drive (I have a 64GB flash memory stick).

p.s. I understand MacBook Pros are not supposed to fully start without a battery (unless in diagnostics mode). Is this not right?


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