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What Gen is my iPod


I have recently bought an ipod touch as a project to fix. Ive fixed a few ipod classics for the kids to use but now im onto a touch for myself.

Bought a 32 gig 3rd gen off ebay, screen unresponsive.

I have now fit 2 x different digitizers and the screen is still unresponsive. Home button and power button work ok.

I struggled to perform a restore through itunes and was getting error message 3194.

Managed to sort that by opening C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc - and editing the host file and deleting 2 x lines with the word apple in them.

Restore through itunes worked ok after that.

Screen is still unresponsive.

I would like to check i actually have a 3rg gen 32 gig ipod but how do i know it really is a 3rd gen ?

For all i know the back cover on the ipod could be a replacement ( states i have an A1318 which indicates 3rd gen )

When connected to itunes my serial number is

1A944PLS6K2 when i google that, i get no results?

How do i check what gen i have ?

Any other suggestions on repairing the screen?

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Check on here for the ser#

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Thanks for that, it told me my ipod was 2009, but not what gen it was.


Lee, I am sorry. I should have mentioned to you to check the model number You get from the above mentioned site, and plug it into this site and it will return your iPod as a Apple iPod touch (3rd Gen/32 & 64 GB) 32, 64 GB Specs Identifiers: 3rd Gen/Late 2009 - MC008LL/A* So you do have a 3rd gen ;-)


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