Mi-2006 / numéro de modèle A1181 / coque noire ou blanche / processeur Intel Core Duo de 1.83 ou 2.0 GHz.

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Powers On automatically, without power Button

Hi !

I have a Black 2006 Macbook (2.0 CD) that used to be working fine but since i changed the LCD unit yesterday i have i problem with it.

When i plug in the Magsafe adapter, it starts automatically, without having to press the Power button, it just starts by it self as soon as it's plugged... (even without any top case plugged)

I tried the following :

- Reset SMC

- Reset PRAM

- Tried different top cases

- Changed Magsafe board

- Tried different Magasafes

- Tried unplugging almost everything on board

All without success !

I am a bit clueless.

If someone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated :)


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Same behavior when connecting a charged battery instead of the magsafe AC adapter ?


Hi Lemerise. I just tested and it is not starting automatically with just a working battery plugged in. As for when the magsafe is plugged while battery present, it did not light up automatically 6 times out of 8 (but started automatically 2 times still)

And as soon as i remove the battery and plug in magsafe, always starts automatically... Weird, you have any idea of what cause be causing this ? Thanks


Did you replace only the LCD panel or the complete display assy including cables ?


I replaced the LCD pannel with it's cable (display, microphone, wi-fi, inverter power) and swapped with another LCD from different macbook


Since the problem began when you replaced the display I'd disconnect the inverter cable, LVDS cable, airport cables and microphone cable and try to connect the magsafe adapter to check if the problem persists. If not then the issue could be a short somewhere in the display cabling.


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Your 3 G_Hot rail is shorted out somewhere. This is a 3.3VDC voltage rail that is used for control on the motherboard. The jumper pads for this board are on this rail, thus when it has ground the system turns on. Take off your upper case (keyboard). Disconnect and deroute all the cables. Turn the laptop upside down and spray the logic board with canned air or gently shake the unit while it is upside down. Then carefully reroute all the cables in their proper path. Attach them to their sockets/headers, being sure they are properly and securely attached. Then give attaching the magsafe a try. If this doesn't work, unhook everything but the fan and DC in board, then attach the power adapter. If it powers up in that configuration you know the problem is on the motherboard or DC in board. If it doesn't power up then unattach the magsafe and attach a wire/cable, attach the power source. Keep doing that until you find the source of the problem.

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Dear ABCellars, I have the same problem with Macbook Air 13" mid 2011. MBA turn on in the same moment I plug in the magsafe. It is 100% a Hardware issues. How can I isolate the problem on G3Hot Rail?

Any Help?

Many Thanks in advance!!!


ABCellars, plz could u assit me ? My mb pro 13" retina is having issues after a minor liquid spill.. I've cleaned it with isoproly alcohol..

It boots up but after 17 seconds it dieds again..

It will also only boot when the battery is connected. But once i press the power button and disconnect the battery it will keep starting up..

Without the battery it will do nothing but show an orange light..


Did you find a solution of this problem luyckxglen? My mac has the same issue.



Same here. I am not a technician, but did manage to install my keyboard and battery thinking it would fix things as I literally dropped a droplet of water on the keyboard. I wouldn't even know how to apply ABCellar's fix. Thoughts?


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In System Preferences->Energy saver

Make sure "Start up after power failure" is not checked. Also check the Schedule settings.

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Thanks for your answer, i tried checking the settings above but everything set ok. I'm thinking that it's more of a hardware problem then OS config since it's booting automatically with or without HD... Thanks


+ Nice place to start.


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