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The Flip Ultra HD is a digital video camcorder by Pure Digital/Cisco, discontinued in 2011

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I got something sticky on the camera and I don’t know how to clean it

I got something sticky on the camera, I am guessing hair spray and I don’t know what products I can use to clean it without ruining the camera

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@christinaadler isopropyl alcohol in the highest concentration you can find, but definitely nothing below 90%,, will work. Get a lint free cloth and dip the alcohol on that. Then wipe your camera clean with that. You can wipe over the lens as well sine alcohol will not damage the outside of it.

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Thank you very much, I tried nail polish remover thinking that would work and no luck. Can I use a washcloth or paper towel?


@christinaadler sure you can. Use a washcloth since you can clean it after and don't have to waste it.


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