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Released March 2013; often referred to as 'Kama Bay Amp Pro', though the front of the actual device bears the name 'SDAR-3000'.

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Can anyone help diagnose/repair my Scythe SDAR-3000 amp?

I have wanted one of these for some time now and finally found one for sale, but the seller was dishonest with me and it arrived in a sorry state. The first issue is that the power input seems to have been modified, and has since gotten detached:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

I have no idea how to fix this. All other pictures I can find of this amp seem to have a different power connector with either a single pin or a single hole, rather than two pins.

Additionally, before the power lead fell off, I noticed that the amp is not outputting any audio. The VU meters also don't move. The device did power on as all the LEDs lit up; this includes the mode display LEDs' proper functioning when changing the mode. After opening up the device, I did notice a bulgy capacitor. I am wondering if that is the (only) issue, but I am entirely clueless with electronics. I asked Bing Chat how to test the capacitor with my multimeter and it told me to test it for resistance with the device turned off, which came back as a static 1271 Ohms, something Bing Chat said could indicate that it is faulty (but I'd like a second opinion on this).

Block Image

Block Image

If anyone is willing to help me save this awesome little amp, I would be very grateful. Thank you.

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My question is do you have Multimeter with you?

If yes, then poke me I will guide you how to check your amp.


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Hi @mica45713

You can't test capacitors with an Ohmmeter whilst they're still connected in a circuit, otherwise you may also be measuring other components in the circuit which are connected to the capacitor or are in the same circuit path which will affect the measurement.

To measure capacitors whilst they are still connected you need an ESR meter.

You can measure using an Ohmmeter, if they're disconnected from the circuit but it only gives an indication whether they're still good or bad i.e. either shows a rising or falling resistance value, depending on which meter leads are connected to which capacitor lead showing that the capacitor is either charging (from the battery in the meter) or if the leads are reversed, discharging into the meter OR there's no measurement at all, indicating that the capacitor is open circuit.

Some DMM (digital multimeters) have a capacitance test function that will give the capacitance value of the capacitor, but not all of them have this function and it doesn't give the ESR value which may be of significance.

I wouldn't hesitate to replace any capacitors that are domed or leaking as this indicates that they are failing or have failed. Their values are printed on the side of the capacitor itself. Also for some perverse reason with electrolytic capacitors, being polarity dependent, the -ve side of the capacitor is marked on the case of the capacitor and yet the +ve side for the +ve leg of the capacitor is marked on the board that it is mounted on. So take notice of how they are mounted before you take them off and when you go to connect the new one.

Finding a schematic for the amp or a service manual would really go a long way to help you get it going again, but a quick search online found no results. You may have better luck.

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Thank you for your reply! I was unable to find schematics as well. I sent a message to Scythe to see if they're able to help with that, but I know that's a long shot. Worth trying though.

I have no experience (de)soldering, so I would like to find someone else to do that. I'm just worried that the cap isn't the (only) issue :')


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