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Need help identifying battery type for replacement

Hello everyone, I need help trying to identify a battery or a potential alternative.

The two internal batteries in my Sony VX2100 are at roughly 2.35 volts, so I would assume the new ones would be 3 volts.

I managed to find the part number from Sony and a couple sites selling the batteries, but they want a stupid amount for them.

Sony part number: 1-756-128-11

I believe this part number is the same kind of battery: 175612811

I measured them with calipers and they are roughly 12mm across and 1-1.5mm thick.

The sites I found:

If anyone would know how to find a battery that would work, please let me know! :)


Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @martinrasm33829

I can't quite see the battery type number stamped on the battery in the 3rd image you posted - under Sanyo, ends in 20 - as it is covered by the solder tag.

Given the measurements that you show I suggest that you search for a ML1220 F1AN Lithium rechargeable 3V battery (example only) to find suppliers that suit you.

Click on the datasheet in the link and scroll down to the specs for an ML1220 battery to verify that it is the same as your battery

If you haven't already got it, here's the service manual that may also help, if hopefully not, you strike other problems.

The part number you quoted is shown on p.5-36 part # BT801 & BT802

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Thank you very much Jayeff! The photo with the Sanyo battery is the confusing part, as the batteries in my unit are just stamped "48" with black ink, but the battery you mentioned does at least look pretty much identical to the ones in my unit :)



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