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Chinese Android phone mediated CPU and functions.

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I drop in water

I drop in water and now my phone is switch

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Hello there,

You still have a chance to save the phone.

I hope you didn't try to plug in a charger to try to turn in on while charging as this can be fatal if there is inside still some water.

I highly recommend you to:

  1. Teardown the phone and take out the motherboard.
  2. Get some cheap ultrasonic device and put inside Isopropyl alcohol high % and drop the motherboard for some minutes.
  3. Dry it out for some time, clean if need all the connectors inside of the phone with IPA (isopropyl alcohol) with the help of cotton earbuds and then connect everything and try to turn it on/charging.

If you have a luck it will turn on If not the logic/motherboard needs to be inspected under microscope for some short circuits and a professional tech guy who understand microsoldering will need to step ahead and fix it or swap the motherboard from other working phone (like with broken screen).

Good Luck!

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