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A version of the vivo S1 Android phone.

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My phone screen is coming off

So on the left side of my phone there is white lights coming on the corner and the side and on the top of the mobile at the end

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Phone display problem


Screen brokan 5.1 how can I replied it


My phone speaker not working


my phone screen not turning on because of water


My phone screen is not on but it's vibranting


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Based on the info you've provided, the battery is swelling up. Replacing it will be necessary. Read this wiki for info on how to deal with a swollen battery. If you don't know what you're doing, I strongly recommend you seek out professional help rather than replacing it yourself.

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Please replace the another folder and check

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@gauravshar51162 can you clarify what you mean by this "replace the another folder" it's a bit confusing.


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Y20a My screen is off

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