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Why does my keyboard from ifixit not fit?

I ordered a 2012-2015 MacBook Pro 15” keyboard from ifixit but it doesn’t fit my 2015 MacBook Pro 15”. There’s a notch below the spacebar on MacBook’s the upper case that doesn’t match up with the notch below the spacebar on the keyboard.

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Good morning,

Last i checked, it isn't technically possible to replace the "keyboard" (the actual key mechanism) on it's own without pulling a Hugh Jeffreys. If your replacing the top case however, then that should work.

Can you add a photo showing the clearance issue as, from looking up on the internet, i can't find any obtrusive notch on the keyboard

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My bad, I’ve realized that the keyboard does fit. I’ve uploaded a photo as an answer. I thought the bit that juts out (circled in blue) goes around the the bit that’s circled in red.


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