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Won't start after battery drain

My Lenovo Yoga 6 13ALC7 will not start up. I hadn't used it for a week and I believe the battery drained to zero. I've confirmed it now has a full charge, however the only responses I get from it are as follows: charging light is solid white when power cord connected; charging light flashes red x7 times when battery is reconnected to the board.

I'll also note that the power button switch is damaged(pictured) and I currently have the power switch board disconnected.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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@flannelist So it looks like it was just the power button issue. I've replaced it with a similar switch so it's working for now.

I do need to find an exact replacement for this switch though. Where should I look for that? (I'll add photos of the power board to main post)


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If the power button switch is disconnected, how do you normally power your machine on? I wonder if your device is just never off, so that was never an issue until now. In which case, you’ll need the power button to turn it on since it’s presently off.

See what happens if you hit the “Novo” buttion. Most Lenovos have one. It’s usually a pinhole reset type button, on the bottom panel, or along the side.

Block Image

You’ll probably need a paperclip or something you can poke into the tiny hole to click the button with. Press and hold the button for a couple seconds. This should prompt the device to power on and boot to a menu where you can access BIOS, or recovery options, among other things.

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The power button board is non functional because the button on the board itself is broken apart. I didn't realize it was damaged until after it wouldn't turn on.

I did try the "reset" button pinhole without success.

I soldered a replacement switch for the power button but it seems switch I used is normally-closed while the original is normally-open.

I'll try a work-around to eliminate the power button issue and attempt the "Novo" button again.


@isaiahneumann Feel free to post some pictures too. You may be able to fool the computer into thinking you powered on just by shorting the correct pins together on the power button board connector. If you unplug the battery, but connect the charger that should also rule out the possibility of the battery being bad.


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