Model GFE28GYNGFS - stopped cooling well

Our fridge (GE model GFE28GYNGFS, 1.5 years old) has stopped cooling effectively. From around the back, we hear it regularly click, whirr (like trying to start a fan or pump possibly), then click again. It got fairly loud. Both the fridge and the freezer are running much less cool, and the ice maker is barely cool at all. The water is still flowing fine through the door, and filling the ice trays, but the cooling is junk. Any tips on how to locate the specific issue? Would prefer not to have to get a GE tech out.

Update (08/30/23)

Assuming that the first click is the compressor turning on, then the compressor overheats and then the second click is the the thermal overload cutoff.

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Please check the model number you gave.


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