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Is there an adapter for optical drive?


i got an old macbook core 2 duo (2ghz) with a defect optical drive.

i bought a new one and wanted to change it, as the guide shows it.

but when i already got out the old drive and tried to connect the new one, i realized that it has got a different plug connector.

the new one is a S-ata i think - but the old one i've never seen before.

can i use another "orange cable" as its named in step 25 (Remplacement du lecteur optique du MacBook Core 2 Duo) to connect my drive?

thanks for your help!

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thanks for your help guys!


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Almost all the optical MacBook drives are PATA. As far as I know you cannot adapt your newer drive. Here's a link that shows the right type of drive and the different machines it will work in. Go to this link and click on your machine and find the link to your particular machine then click on the optical drive link: MacBook/MacBook Pro 15" 8x SuperDrive

Image MacBook/MacBook Pro 15" 8x SuperDrive


MacBook/MacBook Pro 15" 8x SuperDrive


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The very latest model of the A1181 uses an SATA drive, and a SATA cable, but it's probably only 1% of the A1181s out there. I once bought a bunch of SATA drives accidentally and searched for an "orange cable" that would convert the connection, but I could not find one. The problem is, the cable for SATA is also different on the logic board side (smaller plug than the PATA one), so it won't work with machines which require PATA. It's frustrating, because vendors sell the SATA and claim it will work with MacBooks, not realizing (or caring) that it actually won't work with 99% of MacBooks out there. You can sell the SATA drive on eBay fairly easily, because there are a lot of PC laptops out there that do use SATA. Just make sure to put the model number of the drive in the listing so people will find it.


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